“From The Interviews With Men – Men Speak Out On What Men Want In A Woman, What Men Want In A Relationship & What Men Like In Women. The Secrets On How To Build Lasting Attraction With Men & A Woman’s Guide To Winning A Man’s Heart!”


What Men Want In A Woman   Dating | Relationship AdviceBefore we dive directly into “What Men Want In Women”, I really need to gain your full attention on something.

Reason being, is that in order for you to ‘get’ what I am saying, and in order for you to understand where I am coming from, I have to take you on a short journey first.

It won’t take long, and I really believe it will only help you in the end…

You’ve probably heard the song ‘Stand By Your Man’..

You know.. The infamous tune, where the lyrics read..

“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman

Giving all your love to just one man

You’ll have bad times

And he’ll have good times

Doing things that you don’t understand”

While the song was released back in 1968, can you honestly not say how REAL and ALIVE those lyrics are today?

Can you honestly not relate to the words, “Doing things that you just don’t understand?”

Chances are you can!

In fact, allow me to ask you something..

Have you ever felt as if you were STUCK between loving a man, giving your heart to a man, and throwing all your self-esteem into a relationship, and no matter how hard you tried, it never felt like your man gave YOU, or the relationship the same amount of time and energy?

Have you ever been in that terrible spot of always being the one who was trying to keep the relationship ALIVE, only to realize your man was still pulling away? A man that practically BEGGED for a chance to be with you in the beginning, a man that went above and beyond to WOW you in the beginning, and now…

The roles have been reversed, and now YOU are the one who is ‘giving your all’ in hopes of making the relationship work?

Now allow me to ask you a few additional questions..

  • Have you ever faithfully stood by a man who often took you and the relationship for granted?
  • Have you ever lowered yourself, your dignity, and your values to keep a man happy?
  • Have you never found yourself heartbroken over a man, who misled you into believing he cared as much as you did?
  • Has a man ever left you hanging, or ditched you at the ‘last minute’, for reasons you cannot explain?
  • Have you ever allowed a man to consume your every thought, and deep down, you knew he wasn’t thinking about you?
  • Have you ever tried to mold yourself into what you thought your man wanted, what you thought would please HIM, only to discover he didn’t really notice?
  • Have you ever tried to PROVE to a man, that you were in fact the RIGHT woman for him, only to find yourself feeling empty, embarrassed, bargained for, and humiliated?

If you answered yes to any of the above, not only can this be extremely frustrating, the mental exhaustion, and the BLOW on your self-esteem can be devastating!

Trust me, I know this personally!

In addition, it’s often so confusing when you’ve worked so hard to make a relationship work, when you’ve given your all trying to please a man, only to discover he doesn’t feel the same way.

Whether a man tells you, you’re NOT “the one”, if he “strings” you along, or he suddenly shuts down… It can be extremely hard to digest!

Not only does it happen… As a woman myself, I know exactly what this feels like, and I can best bet, MANY women do also.

In fact, allow me to say, I have always been extremely independent, and remained proud of that. I have always been the type of woman that didn’t go looking for love.. If it happened great, and if it didn’t, I was fine with that also.

In reality, it really doesn’t matter how independent you are, or how success you might be. When it pertains to the powerful word called LOVE, the strangest of strange can occur.

Not only is this true, like the song lyrics go, love can often breathe new meaning to the phrase, “Doing things you just don’t understand!”

Literally, It doesn’t matter how many years I have spent interviewing men to be able to write this advice, I am human, I know what love feels like, and I sure as hell can attest what love can do to a person.

So much so, I often reflect back, and think about the mistakes I have made with men, and immediately the words “Gone with the wind”, is what comes to my mind..


Because when we fall in love with a man, when we give our hearts to a man, there are often times when our rationality is nowhere to be found!

I know… I have been there!!

In fact, like MANY women…

You might be thinking… “What is the deal? Why do relationships with men have to be so hard?”

While the answer isn’t as complex as you might expect..

Allow me to say, under no pretense would I ever suggest that I have never been in the spot of questioning the exact same thing.

Under no circumstance would I ever want to insult your intelligence by suggesting I have not also experienced my own battles when trying to understand men.

Fact remains, I have..

Would you want to listen to my advice if I had never walked a mile in your shoes?

I know I wouldn’t..

Besides, my own personal experiences with men, is exactly what motivated me, and gave me the ammunition I needed to be able to write this advice.

After all, women have always wanted to know what goes through the minds of men, and how attraction works for them. Women have always wanted to know what men look for in a long-term relationship, and why men behave the way they do.

We have always wanted to know what men want in a woman, what men find appealing, what turns men on, and most importantly, what turns men off!

Am I right?

If you answered yes..

Here is something interesting you should know.

After having the opportunity of speaking with men, what I have discovered is that women often mistakenly believe that if we do all the “right things”, if we alter who we really are, and we act a certain way, a man will instinctively fall madly in love with us.

We try desperately to focus on all the very things we often believe will make a man happy, and in the end, we are often surprised when none of it works.

In addition, here is something you should know..

Throughout all of my interviews with men, the one message that shined brighter than all the rest, and the ONE most critical bit of advice I can give you is this..

Men Are Not Looking For A Woman Who Constantly Tries To Please Them.. Men Want A Woman Who Mentally Challenges Them! Men Want A Woman Who Captivates Their Minds! Men Like Women Who Remain True To Who They Are!

What Men Want In A Woman   Dating | Relationship AdviceHi, I am Mia McKenzie, the author of “What Men Want, Like & Desire In A Woman”, and my latest eBook Attract Him & Keep Him Interested”.

Before we go any further, allow me to warn you ahead of time, the advice I provide women is straight-forward, it’s often brutally honest, it’s modernized, and more often than not, it is written from a male’s point of view.

In addition, allow me to answer another question you might already be thinking..

Go ahead and ask.. I would!

“What makes you an expert, and why should I even listen to you?”

Well…. Aside from the countless interviews I conducted over the past several years, and the feedback provided by both men and women; I will openly admit that some of the content you will read on this website, and the advice I provide in my eBooks is based upon my own trial and error.

After all, It is rare that we as people learn life’s lessons from other people’s achievements, but more common that we learn from their mistakes.

In addition, unlike some gurus ‘proclaim’, allow me to be extremely upfront with you about something..

I am not a psychotherapist, I am not a relationship expert, nor do I hold a degree as a mental health practitioner. Do I really need to be?

After all, do you want a psychology text book, or do you want practical, real life relationship advice? Not only that, I have always found it amusing when someone indicates they are a ‘Certified Relationship Coach’.

Like seriously, everyone knows you can obtain one of those certificates online, and in less than a week!

Come on ladies.. I am your equal at best.

The advice I provide women comes from a lifelong journey of my OWN personal experiences with men, and a journey that most women can relate too!

While this doesn’t separate me from the rest, I can tell you that the feedback provided is based upon the responses I received, and the interviews of countless men.

In addition, not only do I consider myself to be REAL, I will openly admit I am not perfect. My love life has not been perfect, and while MANY women have written to me about the amazing effects my advice has made within their relationships with men, I will also state that the content on this website, as well as in my eBooks, may also not be perfect!

So much so, when putting the chapters together, I often referred back to my own misjudgments, my very own ill-fated maneuvers, and my hardships with men.

Probably for the very reason I knew exactly which topics I needed to write about, and I knew exactly which questions I wanted to ask men…

What better way would a woman be able to gain insight on how to avoid ALL the many common mistakes we make with men? What better way would a woman be able to gain REAL knowledge on how to successfully date men, and have the relationship you’ve always wanted with a man, than to hear it straight from someone who has been in your shoes?

Yes, I have been there…

I too have experienced what it feels like to love someone wholeheartedly, only to be hurt and disappointed in the end. I can also relate to the phrase, ‘doing things you just don’t understand’, and to this day, I am not sure if I ever will.

Not only that, when listening to women talk about their relationships dilemmas, I have always been fascinated by the simple fact, we all have so much in common!

It didn’t matter how successful these women were, or how beautiful they may have been.. They also struggled with trying to understand men! They also faced the same exact challenges MANY women face each and every day in their love lives!

So much so, the entire point of me writing this advice, and the eBooks I have written, is to guide women towards having a meaningful relationship, and without altering who they are in the process.

I want to show you why it’s so important that you QUIT ‘jumping through hoops’ trying to please your man, and show you why it’s so important that you take all that energy and use it towards something that will CAPTIVATE your man!

Notice I didn’t say conquer, I said ‘captivate’..

Trust me, there is a HUGE difference!

While most women fail to realize how much truth there is to that ONE statement, in reality, we all know this!

Just think with me..

Think about the last time you met a man that was completely into you, and the drastic measures he used to chase you, pursue you, and WOW you over..

If you are currently involved with a guy who is now pulling away, or showing signs that he is losing interest… Just think about how he was when first meeting..

Chances are there was a huge shift in his behavior.

Sure, he wowed you in the beginning.. Sure, he knew all the RIGHT things to do to win you over.. After all, I have always stated men are different; however, I never once suggested they were stupid!

In reality, while a man may change midstream, chances are.. You did also..


In the beginning, whether you realized it or now, the little things that you DIDN’T do probably wowed him as well.

Notice, I said, DIDN’T DO..

What I mean is this. We women know, and we are wise enough to realize how to play the attraction game when meeting a guy..

In essence, you captivated him.

Why he captivated you with all the things we women crave, and starve for.. You on the other hand captivated him by giving him all the very things that drive men wild.

You gave him a challenge. You didn’t call, or shower him with tons of attention (even if you wanted too, you didn’t)!

But all too often what happens, is that as we begin to fall in love, as we become more and more emotionally connected to a man, we FORGET this.

So much so, I want to show you why it’s so important that you create a balancing act with men. I want to show you a step-by-step guide that will help you control your urge of suffocating a man. I want to show you how to create attraction with men, and re-create the intense chemistry a man feels, by simply reverting back to the basics of why he feel in love with you to begin with.

Aside from the fact men and relationships come fully jammed packed with all types of confusing scenarios, there is no ‘man guide’, there is no instruction manual, and more often than not, all you need is a little reminder on what to do next.

Precisely for this reason, the advice I provide women isn’t so much about how to ‘catch a man’ (though I certainly address this area as well); however, my approach to winning with men, is more about showing you proven ways to capture the heart of Mr. RIGHT, and based upon a strategy that was written with the feedback from men themselves.

That doesn’t mean my advice is only designed for the women who want to spice up their current relationship.

Hardly so.

Perhaps you’ve gone through a break up, or recently went through a divorce, and you want to start dating again. Perhaps you are one of the women who feel like the odd ball within your social group. The one who always happens to be single, while your girlfriends stroll down the aisle in a spoofed up wedding dress.

Maybe you want to stay single.

Regardless of what your current relationship situation happens to be, the entire message I want to provide women, is to educate you on how to better understand your man. I want to show you why having confidence in your relationship is so critical to maintaining the ongoing attraction with a man, and to modernize your outlook on why men behave the way they do!

Most important, I want to provide feedback from men themselves, on why some women find love, and keep a man’s interest, and why some relationships do not progress.

Moreover, I want to show you why a strong, confident woman wins a man’s heart, and why you have so much power in the overall outcome.

My eBook “What Men Want, Like & Desire In A Woman” Dives Directly Into The Minds Of Men!

It covers all the most important concepts, ideas, and strategies for women who want to meet and attract a great man! I also show you the responses from men, and debunk many of the attraction myths on what men want in women. In fact, you might be surprised, I was..

The method I reveal to you is not based on theory, guesswork or the “psycho-babble”.

Unlike other resources that often claim to have some ‘fail proof’ way in helping women land the man of their dreams, my strategy isn’t based on MAGICAL formulas!

I also spent months researching, interviewing women and MEN, and working out all the ways a woman can possibly get what she wants out of a loving relationship, and without changing who she is.

I will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to avoid so many mistakes we make with men, and in the process show you how you can also improve your dating and relationships with men.

On the contrary, allow me to answer a question you might already be thinking…

Will this dating advice work for everybody?

Of course not.. I mean let’s be REAL about that.

While my dating and relationship advice may not help everyone:

What if this advice helps YOU?


Inside What Men Want, Like & Desire In A Woman, here are a few things you can expect:

  • Not only will you actually discover what men had to say about what attracts men, the very first thing women need to know when dating men, is to better understand them. This step-by-step concept of understanding men, serves to do just that..
  • We will dive into the dynamics of men, so that you understand why men chase, pursue and release! Most importantly, I will show you ways on how to handle this when it happens!
  • You will discover inside secrets from men themselves, on what actually turned a man on physically, sexually, and mentally! (You might be surprised, I was)! I will also show you the responses from men on what turns men off, and simple ways you can keep a man interested and not by means of playing a game of ‘clue’..
  • I will show you ways to increase the level of chemistry a man feels for you, and simply by having more confidence with men..
  • Inside this eBook, from start to finish, you will learn secrets on how to understand how men think differently than women, how to handle relationships situations that occur, and on a level that is simple and easy to understand.
  • You will discover very specific emotional triggers that you as a woman can use, that seem so simple, and yet they drive most men wild!
  • I will show you serious mistakes women make that sometimes push men away, or prevent a man from taking the steps towards a more committed relationship.
  • In terms of sex, there is an entire chapter that is loaded with real feedback from men on how men actually view sex. What sex means to most men, and how to avoid being a ‘casual girl’.
  • When a man takes you for granted.. This real, no BS advice will show ways on how to handle that change in behavior, and how you can possibly turn this around and without pushing a man further away.
  • I will also show you how important it is for you to walk through the relationship without fear. Fear much like ‘insecurity’ is huge in the minds of most men.

Lastly.. If you’re serious about avoiding all the mishaps women often face with dating, men and relationships. If you are serious about wanting to know what really attracts men, what really turns men on and hear exactly what MEN had to say, about what men want in a woman… This eBook may be exactly what you need.

Not only so, we will cover many areas that should help you improve your relationship. Areas such as communicating with men, secrets on what attracts men, and how to attract men long-term. We also dive into topics such as, calling men, how to avoid common mistakes women make in relationships, and ways that will help you keep a man interested, and without the dreadful mind games!

What Men Want In A Woman   Dating | Relationship AdviceWhat Men Want, Like & Desire In A Woman – A Woman’s Kick Butt Approach To Dating, Men & Relationships!

What Men Want In A Woman   Dating | Relationship Advice


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